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finger_foods's Journal

A healthier alternative
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Discussing healtheir food alternatives

Welcome to Finger Foods!
This community is all about choosing healthier alternatives when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking for yourself and your families.
We are not a diet community nor are we a pro-ed community. This community is not about statistics or competition. We are all beautiful in our own rights.
Types of posts that are acceptable here are posts regarding grocery shopping, lower calorie/fat/processed foods, and of course please feel free to share any recipes that you and your families love. All questions regarding this topics are more than welcome as well.
Membership is currently open to anyone, however for the time-being we will be keeping posts moderated.
There is only one rule in this community, please be respectful of everyone. This community is intended to be a drama-free environment and any members causing drama will be banned immeadiatly. Remeber... to each their own
Please join, post and promote!

If you have any questions/concerns/complaints, please feel free to contact the mods in this post.